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Friends & Friendship via Jyotish

Friends in Jyotish are seen from the 11th house (circles in which one moves). While counting from the 11th house, Lagna fal...

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Dhiru Bhai Ambanai

  Shri Dhiru Bhai Ambanai: Is a business tycoon who changed the rules of the game of business in India. He is renowned for his bol...

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Lord Shri Ram Chandra

     II Aum Namho Bhagwatey Ramchandray II Details of birth: According to Ramcharitmanas  written by Shri Tulsidas ji, the birth...

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Concept &Philosophy Behind Astrology

Each Human being has three inseparable parts associated with his/her present birth. He has a Body, a Mind a...

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ग्रहों के षष्टयंश कुंडली (डी-60) के अधिपति

ग्रहों के षष्टयंश कुंडली (डी-60) के अधिपति और जातक के ...

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