Friends in Jyotish are seen from the 11th house (circles in which one moves).

While counting from the 11th house, Lagna falls in the 3rd house. So one who gives us his/her helping hand in the hour of the need is our true friend. Further, 11th house is 6th from 6th (enemy of an enemy is also a friend).

Following Jyotish combinations, add up one by one, the importance of this beautiful relationship in our lives.

Hence our contributions and happiness for Mitrata increase many folds in the following scenarios.

1.  Lagna lord placed in 11th house is good for friendship. Lagna lord is the intelligence of the native, he/she is kind of finding his/her existence in friends.

2. Placement of 11th lord in Lagna: It makes friends sit on our head and they are shaping the character of the native.

3. Sun placed in the sign Gemini in any house is good. Sun in Gemini is called Mitra Aditya (encouraging friendship, fair play, and just interactions). For Leo Lagna, Sun in 11 the is super duper good. Sun in Gemini, influencing 11th lord ( when the 11th lord is not combust) encourages the feeling of friendship.

4. The Karaka of friends is Mercury, so strong Mercury in any house is good for sportiveness and playful happy relationships with others. Further Mercury influencing 11th lord or placed in 11th house is also good.

5. Strong 11th lord (exaltation, multrikona, own sign etc.) adds up to the importance of friends in our lives.

6. Placement of 11th lord in quadrant or trines from Lagna lord is also very good for long-lasting friendship (when planets are friendly, superb).

7. Tithi lord placed in Jal (water signs) and Bhu (earth signs) Tatwa Rashis also promote a good sense of relationship in general with all.

8. Placement of Bhratra Karaka (BK) in quadrants and trines from Atma Karaka (AK), helps establish long-lasting trustful friendships at the Soul level. Also good for harmonious rapport with one’s Guru.

9. Placement of Mitra Pada (A11) in quadrant and trines from Arudha Lagna (AL), creates active physical situations to promote friendship in our existence.

So, love, honor and respect your friends and enjoy the bliss of their lasting support in your life.

ॐ घृणिः मित्र आदित्य