At SarvatoBhadra sportive quizzes are an integral part of learning. They help all to test their accumulated knowledge and revise the concepts already learned.

Healthy participation of members help all acquire more and grow their knowledge base.

Here are some Jyotish quizzes for Jyotish lovers. Please be sportive and honest while answering the questions and do not use any reference material, books, internet or friends/associates.

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Jyotish Quiz 1

Q.1 Name all the planets having graha dirshti on 11th H ?

Q2. Write some of the important characteristics of people having Scorpio Lagna (Ascendant).

Q3. Which house shows devotion or bhakti in a human being ?

Q4.Please write all possible significance of 9th H ?

Q5. What is the meaning of Rajo Guna ?

Q6. What is Aksha Tatwa ?

Q7. Which style to represent the astrological charts is best and Why ? The North Indian style, South Indian style or East Indian style ?

Q8. Atma Karaka ( AK) and Gnyati Karaka (GK) are:
d)none of the above

Q9. Char Karaka Parivartna
a) happens in all charts
b) is a controversial issue
c) is not possible
d) may happen, it depends
e) is just like parivartan yoga of grahas

Q10. What is the difference between Graha Drishti and Rashi Drishti ?

Q11. Arudha Lagna in 2nd House

a) is not possible according to Jyotish
b) makes native sometimes fortunate, sometimes not
c) makes native most unfortunate
d) makes native focus on wealth, money and family
e) makes native most fortunate

Q12. The sign (rashi) Gemini represents, what ?

Q13. Write the name of all planets who are enemies of Moon.

Q14. What is the meaning of debilitated planet ?

Q15. With the discovery of new planets we should include them all and use them in Jyotish. Please express your views on this statement.


Jyotish Quiz 2

Q.1 Please highlight all the choices which are Not the part of Pancha-Anga ?
a) argala
b) tithi
c) nakshatra
d) gandanta
e) vara
f) yoga
g) gulika
h) karana

Q2. Rahu has graha drishti on which of the following houses
a) 2nd H
b) 7th H
c) 10th H
d) 9th H
e) 4th H
f) 5th H

Q3. Name all the planets having graha dirshti on 6th H ?

Q4. People having Ketu as Atma Karaka (AK)
a) are fortunate because Ketu has spiritual inclination
d) behave very headless sometimes because ketu is headless
c) do a lot of mistakes in life and suffer
d) Ketu cannot be any char karaka according to Jyotish
c) have very good knowledge of mathematics

Q5. Janma Nakshtra, the nakshatra occupied by the Moon of a native tell us..

Q6. Naisargik Karka, the natural significator of 10th house are :
a) Rahu
b) Sun
c) Saturn
d) Moon
e) Jupiter
f) Mars
g) Mercury

Q7. Please write some of the important characteristics of people having Turas Lagna (Ascendant).

Q8. Please write all possible significance of 8th H ?

Q9. The sign (rashi) Libra represents, what ?

Q10. Marana Karaka Sthana for Mars is :
a) 4th H
b)7th H
c)9th H
d) 12th H

Q11. What is the meaning of Raj Yoga ?

 Jyotish Quiz 3: Open Book

You may use all books and/or use internet but please try to give accurate and correct answers for this quiz.

Q1. Sage Parashara did not teach some concepts at all, so Sage Jaimini started his school of thought and developed the concepts of Graha Arudhas and Bhava Arudhas etc to complete the Jyotish teachings. Please expresses your views on this statement.

Q2. Please expresses your views on the statement: Sage Parashara taught Jyotish to sage Jaimini who later taught the subject to Sage Vyasa and thanks to Sage Vyasa that Dev-Rishi Narad learned some Jyotish from him.

Q3. According to Sage Parashara, D-97 Chart is used for what purpose ? If possible please elaborate with meaning.

Q4.What are the results attributed to the placement of Lagna lord in the 7th House in classics ? What is your interpretation of the results.

Q5. What are the result attributed in classics for people having Prana-pada (PP) Lagna in 5th House.

Q6. What problems you anticipate in the life of a native having the same planet as Tithi and Vara lord ? and placed in an Agni Sign ?

Q7.Please describe some of the characteristics of Pisces ( Meena) Lagna people.

Q8. What does the sign Aries represent: what places, what circumstances etc ?

Q9.How would you analyze someone having Hora Lagna in the 4th House ? Is it possible according to the rules of Jyotish ?

Q10.Please list all the Houses that you would associate with college level education of a Native ? and in which divisional Chart one should see them ?

Q11. What is the meaning of Kharesh ? and which chart we see to identify Kharesha ?

Q12. What is the meaning of Badhak Rashi/Sign for different signs and what role do the planets placed in Badhaka sign?

Q13. What is the meaning of Lata in SarvatoBhadra Chakra and how do we interpret the results. Is it good in gochara/ transit ?


Jyotish Quiz 4: Simple and focused on Naisargik Karaka of planets

Q1. This video represents which planet/planets the best and why do you think so ?



Q2. Which planet (s) gives excellent skills to do things with hands ?

It may be sewing or knitting (doing needle work), playing a musical instrument ( guitar/sitar/piano/harmonium), or doing magic via hands and amazing everyone ( haath ki safai, in hindi). Please name all the planet(s) for this.

Please see that we are not talking about composing music when we are talking about playing a musical instrument for this question. It can mean playing a well known composition/ raga/song very well, just like the original.

Q3: Which planet is the Naisargik Karaka for these 2 images ?


1 2


Q4. When Sophia was born her mother had to undergo sizerin operation.Which planet(s) is/are responsible for sizerin operation or cutting/surgery etc ?

Q5. Rashmi is very efficient receptionist, working in a Jeweler company. She uses the skills of which planet, most of the time ? Please name only one.

Q6. Rajat has just finished his masters level education in global finance and economy. Which planet made him study these subjects ? ( please name only one).

Q7. Nikhil wants to generate wealth,monetary gains and profits in long term from his own property. Which planet should be in strength and/or well placed in his chart ?

Q8. With her melodious voice, the singer last night sang so well that entire crowd was in tears. The singer is blessed by which planet ?

Q9. After the demise of his mother, Shri Rajiv Gandhi was suddenly chosen to lead the congress party. He later became PM of the country. Which planet should be strong and/or well placed in his chart ?

Q10. No one can trust Rohit as he cheats and deceives people all the time. People also accuse him of scheming against others. Which planet can make Rohit do all this ?

Q11. Rao Sahab is always busy with his fire rituals. Which planet(s) can make him focus on these aspects ?