Some important Jyotish combinations that represent excessive anger in a native:

1.If one has Mars (ruling Agni tatwa) exalted or debilitated or in own sign in Rashi chart or Navamsha chart (D-9).

2. If Mars has yoga with Saturn (Saturn causes exaltation of Mars and hence if placed with Mars makes him more excited). Hence the anger !

3. If Mars has yoga with Venus in Rashi chart or Navamsha chart, it is called Rudra Yoga. Rudra generates tears when they are unhappy.

4. Influence on one’s Janma Nakshatra (JN) and influence on ones Manas Nakshatra (25th from Moon and Lagna both). For example Ardra Nakshatra are known to have hottest head, because Kritika (pure fire) is their Manas Nakshatra (25th Nak from Moon).

5. The Drehkanna Rising in D3 (Normal Parashara): If it is Rudra, Pasha, Sarpa, Ayudha etc then high anger and more forceful retaliation from a native can be expected.

6. Mars in MKS ( Maran Karaka Sthana) i.e. in 7th H in Rashi or Navamsha charts. 7th House is interactions with the world.

7. Another volatile combination is of  Mars and Ketu (as ketu is again agni tatwa graha and is headless, so brings sudden developments).

In general Agni tatwa Lagnas (LA), influence of Agnti tatwa grahas on LA ( placement and garha drishti there), some signs like Aquarius (कुम्भ) being in Lagna and placement of Lagna lord in 8th House also cause great anger in a native or quick anger with slight provocation sometimes.

If one has, 1 or more such combinations then we can say that respective degree is high progressively.

So everyone should be handle while considering their personal volcano eruption point(s).

Chilies(मिर्च) are the favorite food of Mars so if one can sacrifice this flavor then there will be no food for dear Mars hence he may not act properly.


II ॐ शान्तिः II