• Grasping primordial Jyotish concepts and learning to systematically implement knowledge to read real charts with confidence.
  • Language: English. Duration: 6h 9m

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How to see Vedic Charts? Part 1 of 6 (English)

1. Important Ascendants or points to analyze Vedic Charts: Ascendants is beginning, rising, our birth and existence. We have an existence in a multitude of dimensions: body, material status & image, wealth, power, and authority etc. The importance of these significant Lagnas is discussed. 

  • Lagna (LA)/Ascendant
  • Arudha Lagna (AL)
  • Hora Lagna (HL)
  • Ghatika Lagna (GL)
  • Paka Lagna (Taking Lagna lord as Lagna)
  • Chandra Lagna
  • Atma Karaka (AK) as Lagna
  • Shri Lagna (SL)
  • Graha Arudha of LL as Lagna
  • Varnada Lagna (VL), Pranapada Lagna (PP)

2. Who can influence and in what capacity & role in  Vedic Charts? Following are the planets who can energize  and influnce a         particular Bhava: 

  • Bhav Karaka of the house. Fundamental Incharge (Nature)
  • Planet placed in the house: natural benefics + f(x) benefics are good
  • Planets lording the house
  • Planets aspecting the house by Rashi Drishti (RD)
  • Planets aspecting the bhava by Graha Drishti (GD):
  • Planets having Argala on the house.

3. What is Rashi Drishti? How is it calculated? The meaning and usage explained.

4. What is Graha Drishti? Graha Drishti of the plants explained. The meaning and usage explained.

5. What is Marana Karaka Sthana? Marana Karaka Sthana of all the planets explained. Meaning, usage and remedy explained in great detail with example charts.

6. What is Cancellation of Debility? How do we evaluate it in  Vedic charts? Rules for evaluating cancellation of debility in a chart.

7. Dig Chakra, Deity, planetary dig bala or directional strength elucidated. Dig Bala of the planets in a Jyotish chart discussed.

8. Yoga Karaka chapter from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) discussed. General principles to read the chard are included.

  • Nature due to lordship: Functional nature (शुभ or पाप) of planets for various Ascendants.
  • Quadrants, Trines, Trishdaya and Parashraya houses
  • Kendradhipatya Dosha (केन्द्राधिपत्य दोष):
  • Categorization of most benefic & malefic planets


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