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    Business, Investment and Wealth Creation


    When you are starting a business, you put a lot at stake. An entrepreneurs’ business is not just his professional life, it rather becomes a passion and drives for life as a whole. It is an adventure with a lot of scope for adrenaline, but also a lot of risks.

    A good entrepreneur would be passionate about his idea and give 100 percent to make it a success. A good entrepreneur would mitigate the risks and work towards eliminating them from the start.

    A good astrologer can help an entrepreneur identify both the opportunities and the risks, providing direction and remedies towards creating a successful business. Below are some questions you may be asking yourself when venturing into an entrepreneurial adventure. Gaurav Dave can help find answers to your questions.

    • Evaluation whether Independent or business activity is best for you?
    • Which industry is best for you or whether your products and/or services suite you or you should diversify?
    • Whether you should do your business alone or with other business partners?
    • How compatible is your entire team of partners?
    • Who are your likely customers?
    • What general business strategy you should employ?
    • How do you raise your capital? Whether you should take loans from banks/others?
    • How can you inculcate internal changes so that you can better lead your business?
    • What obstacles will you encounter and how to overcome them?


    Established Business

    As an established business owner you have experienced the practicalities of the enterprise world and have learned how to do business in your domain. You know your business activity fairly well.

    Never the less there may be many areas of your concern which need to be addressed for you to do you business successfully in future.

    If you have some of the following questions in your mind then Gaurav Dave can provide you with answers, practical advice and suitable Vedic remedies which will help you achieve your goals.

    To excel or grow in any field there are two sequential steps: first is to learn and understand well and then put determined hard work. If one continues to do these two things then growth and success will be evident.

    Let’s be clear, If you have some problems in your business it means some important aspects of your business activity is not properly taken care of. It is either weak and needs improvement or is neglected. It could be the lack of knowledge and/ or an inadequate or an inappropriate action from your side.

    In modern business context, we can categorise some of them on:

    •  the choose of products and/or services and their production and distribution
    •  the choice of your positioning, branding, business model or market focus
    •  the choice of your capital structure, fundraising, financial strategy and accounting practices etc
    •  the choice of your strategic management, commercial strategy, HR strategy and operational strategy etc
    •  your inability to adapt depending upon dynamic of market environment etc….

    One must practice the business strategies that work in a particular business environment to succeed. A lot depends upon right time, luck and external factors outside your control but normally if one is not making many mistakes then one should do well in business, assuming one has good business acumen.

    The following list is just an indication of the kind of questions businessmen ask about their business. You may have your unique questions depending upon your situation.

    •  You have an established business but you have not yet succeeded in taking your business to those heights you wanted it to acquire.
    •  You are struggling to sustain your business because of various internal or external circumstances sometimes not in your control.
    •  You work diligently for your business but still, you are not getting the kind of results you aspire to achieve.
    •  You wish to start a business venture in a new domain and or industry segment and you are not sure whether this new domain would be suitable for you.
    •  You would like to know which industry segment and what kind of business activity will be best suitable for you.
    •  You are looking answers to how can you grow and/or expand your business.
    •  You are an experienced business person and looking forward to transferring or sell your business.
    • You are facing unexpected problem and setbacks in your business activity.
    • You have accumulated a lot of debt and wish to be debt free in future.
    • You have problems with your business partner(s).
    • You would like to know if you and your future business partner(s) should do business together.



    Response to 1 questions or prescription of 1 Vedic remedies
    20 € / 1500 ₹
    Response to 2 questions or prescription of 2 Vedic remedies
    40 € / 2500 ₹
    Response to each additional question or prescription of each additional Vedic remedy after two initial
    25 € / 1700 ₹
    Annual Predictions on 5 aspects of your life for one year
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Onetime fee for asking 5 questions or for taking 5 Vedic solutions during a year
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Your Psychological Analysis (Strength and Weakness)
    65 € /4000 ₹
    Spiritual Development
    For finding compatibility between two people (Marriage or Business)
    65 € / 4000 ₹
    Marriage & Relationship Counseling
    65 € / 4000 ₹
    For calculating beneficial Vastu directions for you
    25 € /1750 ₹ for one Aspect
    For finding an auspicious time to start an activity (Muhrat)
    65 € /4000 ₹
    Complete Vastu based directions and map layout for home, office and/or other premises based on your birth chart
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Consultation charges per hour
    65 € /4000 ₹
    Comprehensive analysis of your Horoscope. Response to your questions, advise and remedies on various aspects beneficial for you
    325 € / 21000 ₹

    ♦You can practice most of the Vedic Remedies yourself and benefit from them.

    ♦  The audio and text of mantras and prayers along with best practices for doing them is provided.

    ♦  Appropriate gemstones and the manner of wearing them is prescribed.

    ♦  Your complete confidentiality is guaranteed.