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    Career and Profession

    As an employed professional or a job seeker, you are often wondering if this is the right industry for you and if you will excel in this domain. You may be content with a secure job, but may not be satisfied with the returns you are getting.

    Sometimes you wish to do a more challenging job and sometimes you are stuck with unwanted unhealthy relations with management or colleagues. Still changing jobs or role is not an easy decision as it not only includes the risk of losing what you have but also the anxiety of a new environment. You may be happy in a job but not sure about how you will evolve.

    Also, asking for a raise or promotion is not always obvious to everyone, because as good human beings we assume that our good work will definitely be appreciated. However, in this material world, the equations between security & returns, challenge & satisfaction, risk & anxiety and work & appreciation are not so simple. A good astrologer can guide you in finding the right balance for you considering all the factors and your desires.

    As a job seeker or an employed professional, you may find yourself in situations like below.

    Gaurav Dave can help you find solutions.

    • You are not happy with the salary/compensation you get for your work. You are underpaid.
    • You have been waiting for a promotion for a long time.
    • You are not satisfied with your functional role.
    • Your relations in the work environment are not good.
    • You feel you are not in the right industry and would like to know the best suitable industry segments for you.
    •  You are trying to find a suitable job but without success.
    • You are looking for a platform to show your full capability.
    • Is it the right time for you to change your job or change your functional role.
    • You would like to know what would be the best career path for you.
    • You are a manager and are finding it challenging to manage your team successfully.


    Response to 1 questions or prescription of 1 Vedic remedies
    20 € / 1500 ₹
    Response to 2 questions or prescription of 2 Vedic remedies
    40 € / 2500 ₹
    Response to each additional question or prescription of each additional Vedic remedy after two initial
    25 € / 1700 ₹
    Annual Predictions on 5 aspects of your life for one year
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Onetime fee for asking 5 questions or for taking 5 Vedic solutions during a year
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Your Psychological Analysis (Strength and Weakness)
    65 € /4000 ₹
    Spiritual Development
    For finding compatibility between two people (Marriage or Business)
    65 € / 4000 ₹
    Marriage & Relationship Counseling
    65 € / 4000 ₹
    For calculating beneficial Vastu directions for you
    25 € /1750 ₹ for one Aspect
    For finding an auspicious time to start an activity (Muhrat)
    65 € /4000 ₹
    Complete Vastu based directions and map layout for home, office and/or other premises based on your birth chart
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Consultation charges per hour
    65 € /4000 ₹
    Comprehensive analysis of your Horoscope. Response to your questions, advise and remedies on various aspects beneficial for you
    325 € / 21000 ₹

    ♦ You can practice most of the Vedic Remedies yourself and benefit from them.

    ♦  The audio and text of mantras and prayers along with best practices for doing them is provided.

    ♦  Appropriate gemstones and the manner of wearing them is prescribed.

    ♦  Your complete confidentiality is guaranteed.