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    Love, Marriage and Relationship

    Marriage does not start by taking the vows or tying the knot, it begins by commitment!

    In Vedic astrology, a couple is considered to be married as soon as they are found dedicated to each other for a year. Still, the formal declaration of togetherness to the world, marriage, has a very important role in Vedic culture as well as in the human society.

    Marriage establishes order in the society, by giving legitimacy and names to all relationships. When married you are in a bond that you wish lasts forever. When married, both partners are in the mode of giving and sharing all that they have: bodily, mentally and financially. When married, you consider not only your own interests but also the interest of your partner to find a harmonious way of living together. If one is blessed and he/she manages this relationship well, marriage can be one of the most beautiful of all other relationships in one’s life (siblings, friends, parents, and family etc.). On the contrary side, it could become one of the worst nightmares in one’s life.

    However, you may not find your marriage to be that sweet. You may have a strong difference of opinions. You may have different ideas and expectations from each other. External factors may be disturbing your relation. As a couple or as an individual, if you find yourself in situations like below, Gaurav Dave can help you find solutions. One must admit that all such situations cannot be listed, as each individual is unique and lives a unique life.

    A good astrologer helps you find the right balance, according to your chart, between individual life and coupe life to sustain your marriage and harmoniously live till the end.

    •  Fights/quarrels and unpleasant situations in your relationship.
    •  The love, respect, caring, and sharing is dying in your relationship.
    •  One or both partners have started giving top priority to individual preferences only.
    •  Your partner’s behavior towards you is unacceptable for you.
    •  You are not able to trust your partner. Lies and cheating have become an everyday story.
    •  Other people’s interference is causing problems in your relationship.
    •  You cannot tolerate the over interference of your partner in your individual life (relations, profession, friends etc).
    •  Your partners are too busy with other aspects of life and do not attend to you.
    •  Your or your partner’s sexual expectations are not routine.
    •  Your partner’s commitment towards the relationship is weak.
    •  You find that your marriage was a mistake or accidental or circumstantial.


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