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About Gaurav Dave

Gaurav Dave has more than 18 years of experience in learning, practicing and researching in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). He is passionate about the subject and his mission is to help individuals, enterprises, and organizations in achieving their personal, social and professional goals by using the divine knowledge. He provides consulting advice based on Vedic Astrology and teaches the same.

Gaurav finds himself fortunate to have begun learning Jyotish very seriously during year 1999/2000 under the guidance of his Jyotish Guru, Shri Krishna Kumar Brijesh (retired head of Jyotish department of Rajasthan university then).

He follows the teachings of ancient Indian seers and sages like Maharshi Parashara, Maharshi Jaimini, Maharshi Bhrigu, Dev Rishi Narada, Muni SatyAcharya, Shri VarahaMihira, Shri Kalyana Varma, Shri Venkatesh Sharma, Shri Ram Devagya etc.

Gaurav is a technocrat at the base and likes modern technology, physics, and mathematics. He holds Bachelor of Technology (engineering) degree from Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi (IIT), a premier technology institute in India.

He also likes Marketing, Strategic Consulting, and Finance and holds a Master of Marketing degree from IAE, France.

Amazed by the Gemstone therapy, he experiments a lot with gemstones. He knows how the mind of a human being to function differently by wearing gemstones on the body. He is an expert in the scientific part of gems & jewels and holds Gemologist degree from IGITL, India, and AJP from GIA, USA.

To read about what do gemstones do and how gemstones work on the human being: please read:Gemstones

Very open at heart he opines that we are all spiritual beings having a material as well spiritual experience in this world.

Gaurav DAVE belongs to a Brahmin family of Maharishi Bhrigu worshippers from Rajasthan India. Under the guidance of his uncle Mr. R.C. Dave (elder brother of his father, chairman of electricity board of Rajasthan for several years and a great disciple of sage Bhrigu) the entire family found devotion in Maharshi. His uncle used to constantly get his queries answered, advice and other directions in life from Maharshi Bhrigu via his ashrama in Hoshiarpur, Panjab India.

He has great respect for all the religions of the world, as all of them teach: devotion to God, respect for others, love for humanity, and be truthful always etc. Though being born in Hindu Brahmin family he is more exposed to Hinduism and its teachings.

A humble and compassionate person at heart, he is a great friend, who has an immense capacity to motivate and rejuvenate others. He never believes in giving up rather fight the way out from any circumstance one may get into.

He strongly believes: sincere prayers and persistent intelligent actions for righteous causes can never lead to failure in life, though one may need to try harder sometimes.

Gaurav Dave was born on 12/07/1977 at around 8:26 am in Jaipur city, India on a rainy day.

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