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    Gemstones (Ratna)

    What do Gemstones (Ratna) do? Why and How do they effect human beings?

    The bodies in sky like (constellations, various planets and sub planets etc), are constantly influencing us and we are feeling, acting and behaving accordingly. These forces from heavenly bodies are present all the time in the form of field around us. This field can influence us because we are made up of its constituents, just like gravity acts on us because we have mass in our body.

    The effect of all the spatial bodies including constellations can be linked to 1 of the 9 planets (grahas) accepted in Vedic Astrology.1 out of these 9 planets also rules one or more signs (rashis).

    On the gross level, the field of each planet influences a native depending upon its core influence on him. This core influence can be known by reading birth chart of the native or by studying the “maps of spatial bodies in the sky” at the beginning of his life on planet earth.

    What we are made up of and the corresponding planet (graha) that governs this aspect according to Jyotish (Indian Astrology) are:

    Human being has a soul, a mind and a body. Body is made up of 5 basic elements or called 5 maha bhutas/ 5 tatwas in Sanskrit. These five building blocks are: fire, earth, air, water and sky. They also govern our five primary senses to experience the life: sight (eyes), smell (nose), touch (skin), taste (tongue) and hearing (ears).

    His life is trapped in two extremities in the material world.

    1. Material pursuit: having a sense of I ness, completely trapped in the world of illusion (maya), having all the 6 weaknesses (or 6 ripus), enjoying the stay in world and wanting it to last forever, living life in the pursuit of materialism and pleasures.

    2. Spiritual pursuit: looking a way out from this material world: either pursuing exit/ death or in more advanced form seeking detachment from material world and progressing towards self realization with the Divine Supreme (Nirvana or liberation from this cycle of birth and rebirth).

    Planet (Graha) : Sun

    Su 200

    Governs or Signifies : Soul (Atma)


    Planet (Graha) : Moon

    Mo 200

    Governs or Signifies : Mind (Mana)


    Planet (Graha) : Mars

    M 200

    Governs or Signifies :Fire element (Agni tatwa), sight

    Planet (Graha) : Mercury

    Me 200

    Governs or Signifies : Earth element (Prithavi tatwa), smell

    Planet (Graha) :Saturn

    S 200

    Governs or Signifies : Air element (Vayu Tatwa), touch

    Planet (Graha) :Venus

    Ve 200

    Governs or Signifies :Water element (Jala tatwa), taste

    Planet (Graha) : Jupiter

    J 200

    Governs or Signifies : Sky/Ether element (Akasha tatwa), hearing

    Planet (Graha) : Rahu

    R 200

    Governs or Signifies : Material Pursuit

    Planet (Graha) : Ketu

    K 200

    Governs or Signifies : Spiritual Pursuits


    In addition to this, each planet is associated with some attributes, qualities and characteristics that it grants to a human being depending up on its placement in the birth chart.

    Some of the basic attributes, qualities and characteristics of planets are :



    Planet Attributes, qualities and characteristics Gemstones and their Names
     Sun Leadership, management, spirituality, knowledge of beats and rhythm (dancers/musicians)  etc. Ruby


     Moon  Compassion, imagination, healing, nurturing, social skills etc.  Pearl


    Mars Strength, logical thinking, courage, discipline, ability to defend or attack etc. Red Coral

    Red Coral

    Mercury Learning ability, analytical ability, communication, humor etc. Emerald


    Venus Sensuality, worldly intelligence, artistic qualities, fighting spirit, self motivation, spirit of enjoyment/ entertainment etc. Diamond


    Jupiter Wisdom, judgment, knowledge, righteousness etc. Yellow Sapphire

    Yellow Sapphire

    Saturn Hard work, patience, perseverance, ability to tolerate pain (physical and mental) etc. Blue Sapphire

    Blue Sapphire

    Rahu Research, innovative thinking, diplomacy, ability to spy Hassonite


    Ketu Intuition, mathematics, detachment, ability to hide, ability to do precision work etc. Cat's Eye

    Cat’s Eye

    Moreover, each planet is responsible for some important aspect of one’s lives (like health, spouse, property, career, education etc). How well the planet takes care of these aspects is a combination of various factors. That is also seen according to its placement, strength and relationships with other planets in the birth chart etc. The final effects that a human being experiences, in general and/or at a particular time, is a combination of all these factors. It can be desirable, undesirable or just neutral.

    So every planet has a significant role to play in our lives.

    Vedic Scriptures teach the association of each planet with a particular gemstone.

    A gemstone acts as a regulator as it can alter the intake of energy associated with the planet, present in the form of field around us.

    A gemstone can either augment the transfer of this planetary energy to us : thereby making the planet stronger for a native.


    A gemstone can hinder or reduce this transfer of energy to us : thereby making the planet weaker for a native.


    The moment one wears a gemstone for a planet, all the aspects signified and governed by it are influenced and accordingly the feelings, thought and actions of human beings are altered. This can be good or bad. So whether to increase the strength of the planet or to reduce it requires judicious evaluation on the part of Indian astrologer.

    Wearing a prescribed gemstone in a prescribed manner brings desirable internal changes and enables one to influence his outer world for his benefit.

    The gemstone should be natural, be free from large inclusions and it should not be broken.

    Caution with the use of gemstones !

    Gemstones alters human behavior in many different ways depending upon numerous factors listed above. Suitability of a gemstone based on following criteria should be evaluated before prescribing it to ensure the well-being of the native, though the list is not exhaustive.

    1. Suitability of the planet in Rashi Chart (D1) and other Divisional Charts up to D30 (Dn: Varga Chakras). Lordships, placement, yogas, graha drishtis, rashi drishtis, argalas from important Lagnas like Lagna (LA) and Arudha Lagna (AL) in important divisional charts.

    2. The natural signification (naisargik karak tatwa) of the planet.

    3. The variable soul level significance (char karak tatwa) of the plantet for the native.

    4. Pancha-Anga or 5 Tatwa (5 basic elements) lordship of the planet for the native.

    5. Suitability of the planet acording to 27 Constillation (Nakshatra) scheme for the native from Lagna (LA) and Moon both: janma, sampat, karma, manas, sanghatika nakshatra etc.

    It is quite possible that a gemstone is good for one aspect for a native like work and is completely disastrous for many other aspects like marriage, relationships and health.

    It is equally likely that one single gemstone is good for many aspects for a native like business, health, marriage etc. It all depends up on case to case.

    An ethical Vedic astrologer must indicate all the aspects (good and bad) of wearing gemstone to a native. To wear it or not should be the final decision of the native himself.