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    Vedic Remedies

    The preventive and curative nature of Vedic Remedies makes them the most unique, reliable, and efficient solutions to the problems that a human being faces in life.

    They work at the root cause of any problem. So when a problem starts getting solved right at its core then it gets completely eradicated with time and does not reappear. This is the exact principle applied in Ayurveda for curing disease.

    There are 3 types of Karmas according to Hinduism:

    • Fixed Karma (Drid Karma) which cannot be changed

    • Variable Karmas (Adrid Karma) they may be changed

    • Combination of Fixed and Variable Karma (Drid-Adrid Karma): some aspects remain fixed but others can change.

    On the gross level the word Karma can be explained as all the work and actions one does in his lifetime. So all of us have these three types of work that we must do in this lifetime depending upon all our actions in the previous births.

    Some of your karma done in this or past lives is not pardonable. For these you have to undergo suffering in this life, in this case, no one can alter the destiny of the native. These come under the category of Fixed Karma (Drid Karma) which cannot be changed. No vedic remedy can work here.

    An example is: if a child remains ill throughout his life and dies early, then it is in the destiny of all the people (the child, the parents, and others in the family) to suffer, each one in a different way. Physical suffering and short life for the child, and emotional suffering and distress to parents/family.

    But if God wants you to get some solutions for your suffering, then you can greatly benefit from Vedic Solutions. These Karmas come under the category of (Adrid Karma) and (Drid-Adrid Karma). Surely solutions to those kinds of problems is possible. Vedic remedies can be very helpful.

    A Vedic astrologer can help you find the Vedic remedy just right for your context.

    There are a variety of vedic remedies possible for your problems, some as simple as wearing a gemstone(Ratna) in a prescribed manner wearing a sacred amulet (Yantra), or wearing a special natural substance(Rudraksha etc).

    Other Vedic remedies require effort and contribution from your side to fructify. These are sacred chanting(Mantra), fasting (Vrata) and service (Shrama), Vedic prayers (Hawana, Pooja), donation (Daan) etc.

    There are other special measures that if one takes can be very beneficial for all round benefits and success. For example starting an activity at an auspicious moment (Muhurta)

    Other Vedic Remedies include using the science of orientation or direction, called Vastu Shastra.

    Some of these remedies are explained in detail on the left side column.