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Consulting Services & Fees:

-Ask Questions or Take his advice on your future course of actions.

-Take right decisions and prepare yourself better for the future.

-Benefit from Muhurta and Vaastu and have peace, prosperity, and success.

-Solve your problems and benefit from Vedic Remedies (secrets of Vedic culture): You will no longer be alone. He will be your guide to help you practice the remedies, but you need to make genuine positive efforts. No matter what your problems are you can either solve them or you can pacify them gradually.

Mantra, the vital Vitamins for your mind: Is a stream of special sounds, composing words, that activates and harmonizes the centers of spiritual energies within you. It brings about psychological & biological changes in you and drives you in close contact with Nature/God. Hence it empowers you to shape our outside world and to solve your problems.

It is the most natural and best method to achieve your goals. Read more about how mantra affects human beings: Mantra

-Gemstones, your precious Friends: Each planet is associated with a gemstone. Every planet has a significant influence in your life depending on its placement in your birth chart. Wearing a gemstone in a certain manner increases or decreases the influence of that planet and brings changes within you. Wearing a prescribed gemstone in a prescribed manner brings desirable changes and enables you to influence your outer world for your benefit.

Sometimes it is advisable: not to wear any gemstone. As wearing them may create another problem or may degrade the situation of life in many other domains for the native.

-Read more about how “gemstones work on human beings”: Gemstones.

-Read more about Vedic Remedies here: Vedic Remedies

Some of the domains for asking Question or taking Vedic remedies are listed below

Business, Partnerships

Marriage, Love, Relationships

Career, Job

Education, Studies

Home, Property

Wealth, Income

Buying, Selling, Investing

Loan, Debt

Children, Grand Children

Parents, Grand Parents

Siblings, Family

Travel, Foreign Land

Health, Disease

Image Building, Personality Development

Humanitarian or Social endeavors

Spiritual or Religious endeavors

-Know your compatibility with your business partner(s): He can evaluate your compatibility on various aspects which can help you operate harmoniously, complement each other and synergize well for the entire business experience of Enterprise.

-Marriage & Relationship Counseling: Improve your relations.

-Know your compatibility with your love partner: He can evaluate your compatibility on various aspects which will help you make decisions and resolve problems.

-Personal Development. Your Psychological Analysis: Know your strengths and weakness. He can find the strong and weak points of your personality based on your birth chart and suggest remedies to help you develop positive traits. Overcome your weaknesses.

-Spiritual Development: You are not just a body and a mind, you are a soul first. Develop your spiritual strengths.

-Know the directions beneficial for you (Vastu): For your home, office, shop, warehouse, study, entertainment, pleasure, work, business, spirituality, prayers, yoga, meditation, relaxation etc.

-Know an auspicious time to start an activity for success and happiness (Muhrata): He can suggest you an auspicious date and time (Muhrata) to start the activity, so that you eliminate any negativity associated and have best possible chances for success, happiness, and prosperity. The analysis is done based on each individual’s birth chart.

-Read more about Muhrata here: Muhrata

Suggestions for areas of life on which Muhrata may be chosen. You can make other queries as well.

Starting a business or an association

Joining a job, starting a work

Getting married

Buying, Selling, Investing

Entering into a new house

Buying a new car/ Taking a loan


Please see the following for an idea.​ Gaurav will let you know your exact fee after a telephone discussion with you.
(Direct phone calls, Skype, Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram calls, etc).

Response to 1 question or prescription of 1 Vedic remedy
20 € / 1500 ₹
Response to 2 questions or prescription of 2 Vedic remedies
40 € / 2500 ₹
Response to each additional question or prescription of each additional Vedic remedy after two initial
25 €/ 1700 ₹
Annual Predictions on 5 aspects of your life for one year
105 € / 7000 ₹
One-time fee for asking 5 questions or for taking 5 Vedic solutions during a year
105 € / 7000 ₹
Your Psychological Analysis (Strength and Weakness)
65 € / 4000 ₹
Spiritual Development
For finding compatibility between two people (Marriage or Business)
130 € / 8000 ₹
Marriage & Relationship Counseling
130 € / 8000 ₹
For calculating beneficial Vastu directions for you
25 € /1750 ₹ for one Aspect
For finding an auspicious time to start an activity (Muhrat 1)
65 € /4000 ₹
For finding an auspicious time to start an activity (Muhrat 2 using SarvatoBhadra Chakra as well)
130 € /8000 ₹
Complete Vastu-based directions and map layout for home, office, and/or other premises based on your birth chart
105 € / 7000 ₹
Consultation charges per hour
75 € / 4800 ₹
Comprehensive analysis of your Horoscope. Response to your questions, advice, and remedies on various aspects beneficial for you
500 € / 36000 ₹

♦ You can practice most of the Vedic Remedies yourself and benefit from them.

♦  The audio and text of mantras and prayers along with best practices for doing them is provided.

♦  Appropriate gemstones and the manner of wearing them is prescribed.

♦  Your complete confidentiality is guaranteed.