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    Health and Disease

    The human body is made of 5 elements (fire, water, earth, air, and sky) and 7 basic tissues (dhantu). They are bone (asthi), blood (rakta), marrow (majja), skin (twaka), fat (vasa), semen (shukra), and muscle (snayu) . It also has 3 bodily aspects called Doshas (Vata, Pita, Kafa). Whenever there is an internal imbalance in the body around the 3 Doshas, it causes diseases. The disease may have sown its seeds much before it is manifested. Another reason for the disease can be external forces, like accidents, aggression, and malnutrition. The disease could be physical or mental.

    Sometimes you suffer from a disease, but the cause of it is not diagnosed. Even when the cause is diagnosed, you may not find the right treatment. Even if you find the treatment, you may not have the resources to follow the treatment.  A good astrologer not only identifies the root cause of your disease but also provides remedies that would pacify the concerned Dosha and heal your body and mind. This does not mean you will not need doctors and therapists. The remedies you will follow will bring changes such that your disease gets diagnosed, you will find the right treatment and favorable worldly situations will be created to allow you to follow the right treatment.

    If you find yourself or your loved ones in any of the similar situations listed below, then Gaurav Dave can help you find Vedic solutions.

    -You have multiple diseases all troubling you at the same time.

    -You have been to multiple specialists and still, your disease cannot be diagnosed.

    -You have different suggested paths of treatment ( e.g., surgery Vs therapy) and cannot decide which will work best for you.

    -You suffer from a lack of mental or emotional strength.

    -You suffer from unwanted unnecessary stress.

    -You know how your disease will be cured, but don’t have the resources to follow it.

    -You have limited resources and need to choose the most optimal option to cure the disease.

    -You are susceptible to catching diseases quickly.

    -You frequently fall sick and want to improve your immunity.

    -Doctors have given up on your disease. They say there is no solution.

    -You are in general conscious about your health and wish to lead a healthy life.


    Please see the following for an idea.​ Gaurav will let you know your exact fee after a telephone discussion with you.
    (Direct phone calls, Skype, Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram calls, etc).

    Response to 1 question or prescription of 1 Vedic remedy
    20 € / 1500 ₹
    Response to 2 questions or prescription of 2 Vedic remedies
    40 € / 2500 ₹
    Response to each additional question or prescription of each additional Vedic remedy after two initial
    25 €/ 1700 ₹
    Annual Predictions on 5 aspects of your life for one year
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    One-time fee for asking 5 questions or for taking 5 Vedic solutions during a year
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Your Psychological Analysis (Strength and Weakness)
    65 € / 4000 ₹
    Spiritual Development
    For finding compatibility between two people (Marriage or Business)
    130 € / 8000 ₹
    Marriage & Relationship Counseling
    130 € / 8000 ₹
    For calculating beneficial Vastu directions for you
    25 € /1750 ₹ for one Aspect
    For finding an auspicious time to start an activity (Muhrat 1)
    65 € /4000 ₹
    For finding an auspicious time to start an activity (Muhrat 2 using SarvatoBhadra Chakra as well)
    130 € /8000 ₹
    Complete Vastu-based directions and map layout for home, office, and/or other premises based on your birth chart
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Consultation charges per hour
    75 € / 4800 ₹
    Comprehensive analysis of your Horoscope. Response to your questions, advice, and remedies on various aspects beneficial for you
    500 € / 36000 ₹

    ♦ You can practice most of the Vedic Remedies yourself and benefit from them.

    ♦  The audio and text of mantras and prayers along with best practices for doing them is provided.

    ♦  Appropriate gemstones and the manner of wearing them is prescribed.

    ♦  Your complete confidentiality is guaranteed.