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    Education and Studies

    As a young student, you have a lot of courage and enthusiasm and the burning desire to do something great for yourself, your family, and for society. You are in a preparation phase and the activities in this phase will mold you to be a future entrepreneur, innovator or leader. But often you just keep doing what your friends are doing or what society forces you to do. There is a lot of pressure from everywhere to become independent and earn well your living. You may do what society directed you to, but then later find that their path does not suit you or does not make you happy. You want a chance to find out what’s best from within you. A good astrologer can help you identify and manifest the best of you in whatever field (arts, commerce, or science) that suits you.

    As a parent of a student, you worry a lot, not only to fulfill the needs of your child but also about his future. You wish him to become a respectable citizen of society and do well in life. Your child often asks you for counsel and direction; in order to protect him, you give him advice so that he does not repeat the mistakes you have done, without realizing that the times and circumstances are different. You wish the best for your child, but sometimes forget what is best for him. Also, you want to shield him from bad influences but find it hard. Being a parent is not easy, it includes all the 3 roles of God: the creator, the sustainer, and the destroyer of obstacles.

    As a student or a parent, you may be asking yourself questions like below. Gaurav Dave can help find answers to your questions.

    -Which field of education is best for you?

    -What is your natural aptitude, and which skills you should develop?

    -Your child is not able to concentrate. What can you do?

    -Your child’s scores are generally low and he fails in competition. What can you do?

    -Which domain will you adopt in your professional life and what will be your long-term motivation?


    Please see the following for an idea.​ Gaurav will let you know your exact fee after a telephone discussion with you.
    (Direct phone calls, Skype, Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram calls, etc).

    Response to 1 question or prescription of 1 Vedic remedy
    20 € / 1500 ₹
    Response to 2 questions or prescription of 2 Vedic remedies
    40 € / 2500 ₹
    Response to each additional question or prescription of each additional Vedic remedy after two initial
    25 €/ 1700 ₹
    Annual Predictions on 5 aspects of your life for one year
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    One-time fee for asking 5 questions or for taking 5 Vedic solutions during a year
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Your Psychological Analysis (Strength and Weakness)
    65 € / 4000 ₹
    Spiritual Development
    For finding compatibility between two people (Marriage or Business)
    130 € / 8000 ₹
    Marriage & Relationship Counseling
    130 € / 8000 ₹
    For calculating beneficial Vastu directions for you
    25 € /1750 ₹ for one Aspect
    For finding an auspicious time to start an activity (Muhrat 1)
    65 € /4000 ₹
    For finding an auspicious time to start an activity (Muhrat 2 using SarvatoBhadra Chakra as well)
    130 € /8000 ₹
    Complete Vastu-based directions and map layout for home, office, and/or other premises based on your birth chart
    105 € / 7000 ₹
    Consultation charges per hour
    75 € / 4800 ₹
    Comprehensive analysis of your Horoscope. Response to your questions, advice, and remedies on various aspects beneficial for you
    500 € / 36000 ₹

    ♦ You can practice most of the Vedic Remedies yourself and benefit from them.

    ♦  The audio and text of mantras and prayers along with best practices for doing them is provided.

    ♦  Appropriate gemstones and the manner of wearing them is prescribed.

    ♦  Your complete confidentiality is guaranteed.