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    Vedic Reading Process

    Vedic Astrology requires very precise birth data for doing the readings, as each one is unique. Around 259 human beings are born per minute in the world. It often happens that the birth time given is not precise enough. So to ascertain the exact birth time Gaurav Dave would need information on important events of your life.

    Finding out the correct birth time of a native is called Birth Time Rectification. One can never reach his destination with a wrong map, in the same way, one can not make correct readings with incorrect birth data.

    To cast your birth chart according to Indian Astrology, Gaurav would need the following information:

    • Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
    • Place of birth ( City, Country, Postal Code)
    • Exact time of birth (HH: MM)

    Please send your birth details (date, place and time of birth) along with your contact information via email, phone etc. and the precise questions you wish to ask.

    Please send the followings available documents by email or please bring the following in the meeting.

    • Your 2 to 3 photographs
    • Your CV: (work history, educational history and other socio-professional activities). If you have questions related to profession and education.

    He will organize an in person meeting with you in his office in Antibes or will have a video conferene on Skype or will have a telephonic discussion with you to understand your query and listen to the past events of your life. Together, with Gaurav you can define your precise questions if you have not already done so.

    Gaurav will work on your birth chart and calculate the answers to your queries and/or solutions you may require and he will communicate them to you.

    For further consultations, just send Gaurav your precise questions and he can respond via telephone, email, skype or you are most welcome to organize a meeting in his office.

    He respects your privacy and shall not share any information with anyone for any purpose what-so-ever.

    If you wish to contact Gaurav Dave please Click Here