Birth Time Rectification: Signification, Necessity, Techniques, and Tips

An ethical Vedic astrologer must first do Birth Time Rectification (BTR) before giving readings, advice, or Vedic remedies. By doing so, he confirms that the chart belongs to the individual who has come for the consultation and not to anyone else.

The article explains what birth time rectification is and why it is necessary, and a must. We have given practical examples to illustrate this point from day-to-day life. It does take extra effort and time to do BTR, but it is worth it.

Next, we explain the the possible definitions of the Birth Time in Vedic Astrology and which one to use for practical purposes. Satya Jathakam, a Jyotish classic by sage Satyacharya illustrates these concepts and advices us.

Then we have explained in brief as to how we do Birth Time Rectification. You can watch free YouTube videos on our channel.

What is Birth Time Rectification?

Identifying the correct time of birth, precise up to minutes, for casting a birth chart or horoscope that corresponds to an individual in totality is called Birth Time Rectification. 

Why do we do Birth Time Rectification?

Normally, there is no ambiguity in birth details like birth date and place. However, many times the exact time of birth is either incorrect or not known with certitude. 

Further, many are not sure as to what is the definition of the birth time. Hence which time should be given to an astrologer for casting the birth chart?

Is it when the baby comes out of the womb? or when the umbilical cord is cut? Or is it the time when the baby is bathed and then placed on the bed just after the birth as an independent being? 

As per 2021 data on Wikipedia, around 259 human beings are born Per Minute in the world.

In Vedic astrology, we require very precise birth data for casting the birth charts and then giving readings and remedies, as each one is unique. Each human being has a unique personality, distinct circumstances, and dissimilar experiences in life. 

To find this “uniqueness of a native in totality” is called Birth Time Rectification.

We need to cast and read many divisional charts for a native to give comprehensive readings. Some of these divisional charts change with a variation in birth time by a few minutes. Especially if they are just at the border.

The ascendant rising in the Rasi or Lagna chart changes after roughly 120 minutes. The Lagna rising in Navamsa D9, Dasamasa D10, and Siddhamsa D24 change with roughly 15 minutes, 13 minutes, and 6 minutes or so.

As one can never reach his destination with a wrong map, in the same way, no astrologer can give correct readings with an incorrect birth chart.

For example, with a map of New York City, USA in hand; no one can reach the right destination in New Delhi, India.

Jyotish charts and chakras are technical maps and diagrams that represent the complete astrology information in a coded language. 

That is why it is crucial to first do Birth Time Rectification and then give advice, readings, predictions, or remedies to a native.

Another practical example, say in a situation requiring medical treatment & cure:

If you have problems in the bones of your right leg then a doctor will require your and only your medical reports (X-ray, others..) to analyze the problem and then cure you.

If we give him the X-ray & other medical reports of the patient occupying a bed next to you and then tell him to cure you…It will be of no use. He can never cure you without your proper medical reports. As his diagnosis and curative actions will not correspond to you. Rather, It is for the patient adjacent to you. 

That is why we need the correct birth chart of the native, to help him give readings, predictions and provide Vedic remedies.

Definition of the Birth Time in Vedic Astrology from Shastras.

Sage Satyacharya in “Satya Jatakam (Basis of Dhruva Nadi) Dhruv  Matham explains that:

Three different moments can be taken as the Time of Birth and for which the horoscope can be cast.

1. Adhana Lagna (आधान लग्न): moment of conception

The fusion of a spermatozoon with an ovum thus resulting in the formation of a zygote. A zygote is a single cell, with a complete set of chromosomes, that 

normally develops into an Embryo.

(2) Siro Darshana  Lagna (सिरोदर्शन लग्न):  the moment at which the head of the child is first sighted. 

(3) Bhupatana Lagna (भूपतन लग्न): the moment at which the child leaves the body of the mother (umbilical cord is cut) and touches the ground/earth.

As it is difficult to determine the first two moments accurately, the third one Bhupatana Lagna (भूपतन लग्न) should be taken for preparing a horoscope. 

 How do we do Birth Time Rectification? 

There is no shortcut method to learning BTR quickly. 

It takes time, dedication, and methodic hard work to learn it. An astrologer must verify the past events, personality, and psychology of an individual by reading his various divisional charts and then arriving at a precise time.

We can call it research and reverse engineering. We cast the birth chart with the birth details given by the native and verify past events with the charts. If things make sense then it is fine, else we add or subtract time. This gives us new charts to verify the past and character of the native. We keep on doing it until we are completely happy. The past events and/or psychology or character must correspond to the native.

We begin doing BTR from the Rasi chart, then move on to the Navamsa D9 chart. We then begin rectify other higher division charts like Dasamsa D10, Siddhamsa 24, Vimshamsha D20, Trimshamsa D30, etc

The BTR expert should know to read all these divisional charts to verify the past events of an individual’s life. 

Concerned Divisional Chart must explain the event, for example:

-If a native is divorced once or not married yet then the Rasi and Navamsa chart D9 must depict it.

-In case the person is a brilliant scholar and studied at premier institutes in life then the Siddhamsa chart D24 must explain this.

– If a native is a self-motivated and clever business man then the Dasamsa chart D10 must reflect such combinations.

In our Online Vedic Astrology course, we systematically teach participants to learn doing BTR with every Jyotish concept and/or Divisional chart they learn. 

While working on real case studies, the participants gradually augment their pace and precision of doing Birth Time Rectification. The method is completely based on the principles and rules of Vedic Astrology.

You can buy Birth Time Rectification Video lessons. In which we teach a methodical way to do BTR of Rasi D1 and Navamsa D9 charts.

Learn Vedic astrology concepts, principles, and rules, and do hard work on real case studies, under the guidance of an experienced teacher to gain confidence.

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