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Jyotish Yogas

Some important Jyotish combinations that represent excessive anger in a native: 1.If one has Mars (ruling Agni tatwa) exalted or ...

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Mantra Basics

Basic rules of Mantra Shastra:   1. We have a source: the efforts that we want to utilize: Depicted by number of words of th...

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Char Karaka

Char Karaka are variable soul level significators who govern our spiritual existence in this material world. They vary from person ...

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Lessons learnt from Ramayana

Jyotish lessons learnt from Ramayana: Jai Yoga Vedic Scriptures other than classic Jyotish books provide rich info...

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What is Lagna (Ascendant)

  The rising sign in the natal chart is called Lagna or the Ascendant. It is actually a point in the zodiac, in th...

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Qualities given by the 9 Planets

Sun (Surya Dev) gives a native good leadership abilities, good management skills and makes him good administra...

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Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS)

Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) literally means: Death Signifying House Marana Karaka Sthana is a house, where the contribu...

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Significance of 12 Houses

  Significance of 12 Houses (Bhava) 1st House: Beginning/starting, birth, risen one, physical body, appearance, ...

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Friends & Friendship via Jyotish

Friends in Jyotish are seen from the 11th house (circles in which one moves). While counting from the 11th house...

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