Unlocking the majestic influence of Rasi Tulya Navamsa for accurate astrology readings

This write-up elaborates on the undisputed power of  Navamsa (D9) also called Dharmamsa and its majestic influence on the Rashi chart. All alone, the Rasi chart is almost nothing! A very simple method of using the Rashi Chart and Navamsa chart together is elaborated in the Rasi Tulya Navamsa technique to pronounce results with certitude.

Dharmasmsha shows blessings of Shri Vishnu and hence is crucial to say anything concretely based on the Rashi chart only.

Practical Case Study: The lady consulted me for some of the severe problems her children were facing. After all the discussion was over, she just had one question for herself.

Q1. “I have Raj Yogas in my chart but they have not yet functioned or given any results (She is already 60+). When will they fructify? I lead the life of a normal housewife”.

My answer was: No Madam, there are No Raj yogas in your cart! The Raja yogas present in your Rashi chakra are not supported by Navamsa chakra or Shri Vishnu.  Hence after verifying your birth chart using Rasi Tulya Navamsa technique, my suggestion to you is. Please do not expect any great results!

Let us understand the astrological explanation for my answer .

Rashi & Navamsa chart of the native


Rasi and Navamsa Chart of an Individual to Elaborate Rasi Tulya Navamsa Technique of Vedic astrology

1st Principle of Rasi Tulya Navamsa:

The planets (grahas) forming raj yoga or dur yoga in Rashi chart if they are placed in 6, 8, 12 positions from each other in Navamsa then that yoga will not fructify or will give almost no results.

In other words we can say the Yoga is not supported by Rasi Tulya Navamsa technique. Hence the the quality and quantity of the result given by the Yoga shall not be great. 

We can see that in her Rashi chart there are many Laxmi (trines) Naryan (quadrant) yogas. The Lagna is considered both as a trine and a quadrant, so it is immensely auspicious for any native.

The 10th lord Sun is placed in Lagna: it is called Simhasana yoga that assures great position and authority to a native.

The fifth lord of power, following, and management  Jupiter is also placed in ascendant, so 5th and 10th lord are forming Rajyoga in the chart.

But is this placement of Sun & Jupiter in the sign scorpio supported by Navamsa (D9)? The answer is: No!

We can see that Sun and Mars/Ketu (Lord of Scorpio) are placed in 6/8 houses from each other in Dharmamsha (D9).

Jupiter and Mars/Ketu (Lord of Scorpio) are also placed in 6/8 houses from each other in Dharmamsha (D9).

The story of this yoga is unfortunately over, after observing this!

The individual placement of Sun and Jupiter as 10th and 5th lord is not supported by Rasi Tulya Navamsa.

Rule Rasi Tulya Navamsa: Planet X placed in the sign of planet Y will not give full results when these 2 (X and Y) are placed in 2, 6, 8 houses from each other in Navamsa (D9).

We can see that Jupiter and the Sun are placed in Scorpio in Navamsa (D9) they are Varga Uttam. They will give nice qualities to the native based on their Naisargik Karak Tatwa or innate character. She is a spiritual & religious person with good authority and wisdom.

Please read about the characteristics of the 9 planets in astrology to understand the qualities they give to us. Like Sun gives us leadership & spirituality and Jupiter gives us religiosity and wisdom.

So accordingly, we should first check the Rashi chart (D1) and evaluate the support for any good or bad yoga present in the Navamsa chart (D9) and then only pronounce the results.

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