The Navamsa Rising in the Ascendant: Uncovering the Results from Mansagari:

The classic Mansagari gives a very unique set of results for the number of the Navamsa rising in a birth chart. It gives these results irrespective of the sign rising in the Rasi chart. All 9 possible results are included.

To find the number of Navamsa rising in a birth chart, we need to see the degrees of the Ascendant/Lagna and decide.

As we know, one Navamsa is the 9th part of a sign and is equal to 3.20′. 

So If the Lagna rising is at 15.00′, it is the 5th Navamsa in Lagna. If the Ascendant rising is at 25.00′, it is the 8th Navamsa in Lagna.

The image attached has the span of all 9 Navamsa. One can just find the degree of the Ascendant in the birth chart and find the number of navamsa using the table given in the image.

1st Navamsa (00.00′ to 03.20′) results:

The native will be a talebearer (चुगलखोर, spreading fraudulent news and/or inappropriate information), of unstable disposition  (चपल/ चंचल), wicked (दुष्ट), interested in sinful deeds (पाप  कर्म करने वाला), having an ugly appearance (कुरूप), and interested in creating difficulties for others (दूसरों के लिये कष्ट उत्पन्न करने वाला).

2nd Navamsa (03.20′ to 06.40′) results:

The native will enjoy wealth with status (ऐश्वर्या/वैभव का भोग करने वाला), will not be interested in battles, will be attached to the field of music and dancing & to females. (गन्धर्व  प्रमाद आसक्त: indulge in passions & traits of Gandharv).

-Gandharva are the celestial musicians, dancers, and entertainers.)

3rd Navamsa (06.40′ to 10.00′) results:

He will be a righteous man (धर्मात्मा), always having health complaints (निरंतर रोगी), knowing opinions of others (सब के अभिप्रायों की जानने वाला, सर्वज्ञ), a worshipper of omnipresent Gods (सर्वव्यापी देवताओं का भक्त होता).

4th Navamsa (10.00′ to 13.20′) results:

The native will be initiated (दीक्षित) in traditional/higher Vedic learning, one worshipping teachers (गुरु भक्तिमान), will possess anything and everything available on earth (भूमि पर उपलब्ध सबकुछ, प्राप्त करने वाला).

5th Navamsa (13.20′ to 16.40′) results:

The native will have all favorable physiological/qualitative features of a king (सर्वलक्षण संपन्न राजा), a famous person. He will be blessed with long life (दीर्घ  आयु) and many sons (बहु पुत्र).

6th Navamsa (16.40′ to 20.00′) results:

The native will be subdued by wife, without good virtues ( शुभता से वर्जित), very proud (बहुत अभिमानी), an impotent (नपुंसक), will destroy wealth (अर्थ ध्वंसी: धन का नाश करने वाला) and will be a tormentor (दुःखदायी, पीड़ित करनेवाला).

7th Navamsa (20.00′ to 23.20′) results:

The native will be mighty (पराक्रमी), intelligent (बुद्धिमान), heroic, invincible in war (शूरवीर, संग्राम में न हारने वाला), great enthusiastic (बड़ा उत्साही) and a self-contented person (संतोषी होता).

8th Navamsa (23:20′ to 26.40′) results:

The native will be ungrateful (thankless, कृतघ्न), jealous (ईर्ष्यालु), cruel (क्रूर), quarrelsome (झगड़ालू), having many children, and will discard results when due (फलकाले परित्यागि).

-The person chooses/does the opposite in the end.

9th Navamsa (26:40′ to 30.00′)results:

He will be skillful in his activities (अनेक क्रियाओं में कुशल), clever (चतुर), valorous ( वीर, प्रतापी), self-restrained (इन्द्रियों को वश में रखने वाला ) and always surrounded by servants (बहुत नौकरों से घिरा हुआ).

Such results are also mentioned in Hora Ratnam by Pandit Balbhadra with some variations.

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