• Learn to analyze and read an individual’s marriage, relationships & sensuality via the Navamsa D9 chart.
    The use of the Rasi/Lagna Chart (D1) is also explained with ample examples.
  • Language: Hindi. Duration: 11hr 15 min (675 mins)


Discover the significance of the 12 houses in the Navamsa Chart or Kundali D9 and their impact on marriage and relationships.
Explore the importance of Venus and its role in Navamsa Kundali D9 for marriage and relationship dynamics.
Uncover the secrets of this Divisional Chart D9 and how it can reveal details about your marriage and spouse relationships.
Learn about the different combinations in the Navamsa Kundali D9 that can indicate piousness, faithfulness, or even no marriage at all.
Find out how the Navamsa Chart D9 can provide insight into your love life, including the possibilities of arranged or love marriage and long-lasting emotional connections. Learn to understand the sexual orientation of a person etc.

The following topics are covered in detail in this Vedic Astrology Video Lesson on Navamsa Chart or Kundali D9.

1. The significance of 12 houses in Navamsa Chart D9 & in-law relatives.

2. The significance of 12 houses in Navamsa Chart D9 & sensuality.

3. The Importance of Venus, Karaka for Navamsa Kundali D9 & Marriage.

4. The relationship between Atma Karaka & Daar Karaka and the consequences for married life at a soul level.

5. The possibilities of Arranged or Love Marriage and long-lasting emotional touch with a spouse.

6. The importance of Arudha Lagna and Bhav Pada in Navamsa Chart D9, and In-laws & spouse relationships.

7. Combinations of piousness, faithfulness, high sexuality, loose morals, adulterous nature, many partners, and multiple marriages.

8. Combinations for no marriage using Navamsa Kundali D9

9. Happy marriage, harmonious relationships & continuation of the marriage of long.

10. Fights, quarrels, separation, troubles in marriage, getting involved with alternative partners, break of marriage, severe tensions in the marriage, legal disputes in marriage.

11. The prospects and happiness in 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd marriage using Navamsa Kundali D9 etc.

12. Preference & orientation of a native for partners and sensuality using Navamsa Chart D9: heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual nature, etc.

13. Analysis of Rasi chart w.r.t Daar Pada (A7), Upa Pada (UL) & Arudha Lagna (AL).

14. Explanation of Shlokas from Shastras on Navamsa Kundali: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) and Jaimini Sutra.

‡ Case studies using Rasi Kundali and Navamsa Chart D9 of Shri Albert Einstein (scientist), Ms. Lata Mangeshkar (singer), Mr. Hugh Hefner (owner of Playboy magazine)
‡ 5 more case studies of individuals, presented in an anonymous form, to cover various aspects taught in theory.

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