• Language: Hindi (हिन्दी). Duration: 1h 11m


Business segments represented by the 9 planets (Hindi)

Knowing the business segments where one should focus in order to make a career, earn his/her living or generate wealth via business is the desire of all. If one can be directed with certitude to put efforts on fruitful industry segments, pertinent for one, then it is marvelous. By doing so, a native can be assured that his/her hard work will generate material prosperity and failures are unlikely.

These Jyotish video lessons on Business segments (व्यापर  व उद्द्योग क्षेत्र ) or industries represented by the 9 planets help us achieve the same.

Very useful knowledge for a career (व्यवसाय), work (कर्म), business (व्यापर), wealth (धनार्जन ) and education (शिक्षा).

The knowledge is useful to read birth charts and guide natives via their Rashi chart (D1), Dasamsa chart (D10) and Siddhamsa chart (D24) etc.

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