• Understanding our Karmas and success or failures associated
  • Concrete learning of Dashamsha (D10) chart in a lucid manner to analyze career & profession of a native.
  • Language: Hindi (हिन्दी). Duration: 4h 47m




Dashamsha Chart (D10)/ दशांश कुंडली: Part 2 of 2 (Hindi)

Building upon the knowledge acquired in “Dashamsha chart (D10) part 1 of 2” of the series. Five case studies of natives elaborated in detail.

Rashi (D1), Navamsha (D9) and Dashamsha(D10) charts of the natives have been discussed along with Arudha Lagna and Bhav Padas as relevant.

-Native 1:  attempted to become a doctor but changed the industry after repeated failure for long.
-Native 2:  is a scholar: B.Tech & M.Tech engineer from a top institute having a nice career in product management & consulting roles in a foreign land.
-Native 3:  worked in the manufacturing industry: production, quality, and client management roles in the iron & steel industry. Tried business but failed.
-Native 4:  failed in sales jobs later became a professor of accounts. Doctorate (Ph.D.) in commerce from a state university
-Native 5: a self-made businessman, just after graduation established his own business of air conditioner installation and repair in his home town. Education: Bachelor of Business Administration. He later diversified into the food catering business.


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