• The importance of Birth Time Rectification (BTR) along with the process of doing it explained.
  • Language: Hindi (हिन्दी). Duration: 3h 10m


Birth Time Rectification Video Part 1 of 2 (Hindi)

1. What is Birth Time Rectification (BTR)?

2. Why we must do Birth Time Rectification (BTR) before making predictions and or giving remedies?

3. What is the definition of Birth Time according to Shastra?

-Adhana Lagna (आधान लग्न):
-Siro-darshana Lagna (सिरो-दर्शन लग्न):
-Bhupatana Lagna (भूपतन लग्न):

4. How do we do Birth Time Rectification (BTR)?

5. The method to do Birth Time Rectification of Rashi (D1) and Navamsha (D9) is explained.

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