• नव ग्रह पंचधा मैत्री व उनके आपसी व्यवहार
  • Understanding the planetary relationships and their conduct with each other
  • Language: Hindi (हिन्दी). Duration: 2h 6m


Planetary relationships and their conduct/ नव ग्रह पंचधा मैत्री व उनके आपसी व्यवहार

The compound planetary relationships like friendship & enmity among them are explained.

1. A brief description of Zodiac /Bha-chakra (भ-चक्र): The interlinking of nakshatras (नक्षत्र ) and signs (राशि) discussed.

2. Lordships (अधिपत्य) of the 12 signs, with emphasis on Scorpio (वृश्चिक ) and Aquarius (कुंभ) as they have dual lordships.

3. Exaltation (उच्च), debilitation (नीच), multrikona (मूलत्रिकोण), own sign (स्वक्षेत्र), friendly sign (मित्रक्षेत्र), enemy sign (शत्रुक्षेत्र ) of all planets.

4. These terms (exaltation, debilitation, multrikona etc) are explained to meaningfully and practically use them in Vedic astrology.

5. Sura (सुर) group & Asura (असुर ) group of planets described.

6. Derivation of the relationships among planets based on Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS). Demonstrated the same with examples.

7. Naisargik (नैसर्गिक मैत्री) or natural and Tatkalit (तात्कलित मैत्री) or based on situation relationships among planets.

8. Calculation of Compound (Panchdha Maitri, पंचधा मैत्री) friendship & enmity of planets using Naisargik and Tatkal relationships.

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