• Fundamental and deep learning of the 9 planets (ग्रह) and all that they represent (नैसर्गिक कारक) in Jyotish.
  • Language: Hindi (हिन्दी). Duration: 3h 27m.

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Naisargik Karaka of Planets / नव ग्रह के नैसर्गिक कारक: Part 2 of 2 (Hindi)

“Naisargik” means natural by definition and “Karaka” means significator, that signifies something or represents something very fundamentally. Naisargik Karaka means someone who naturally represents something because of his core internal makeup, natural instincts, and character. Mother nature has created him like that and given him this responsibility.

We will explore all the 9 planets in detail to understand what all mother nature has made them responsible for or what all each of them represents fundamentally in Vedic astrology. The video lectures also include the Deities to be worshipped for giving remedies.

1. Naisargik Karaka of Venus (शुक्र): Venus in Indian astrology represents our passion, sensuality, and fighting spirit. He also governs and luxuries and enjoyment. Just like Jupiter, Venus is also a Guru (of demons) and holds the title of a minister in the planetary hierarchy.

2. Naisargik Karaka of Saturn: (शनि): Saturn in Jyotish represents our hard work, patience, and sorrow. Saturn represents a  servant in the planetary hierarchy.

3. Naisargik Karaka of Rahu (राहु): Rahu in Vedic astrology represents conspiracy, deceit and research The ability to discover the unknown is granted by Rahu. Rahu is considered an outcast or foreigner in the planetary hierarchy.

4. Naisargik Karaka of Ketu (केतु): Ketu in Jyotish represents Nirvana or Moksha. He gives detachment from the material world and helps us progress in the spiritual domain. The ability to precision work is granted by Ketu. Ketu is also considered an outcast in the planetary hierarchy.

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