• Learning the favorable planets for each Ascendant along with general guidelines on this topic from Brihat Parashara (BPHS).
  • A case study of Mahatma Gandhi’s Navamsh chart (D9) to learn qualities given by planets when they are placed in trines (1,5,9 houses) in D9.
  • Language: English. Duration: 6h 29m


How to see Vedic Charts? Part 2 of 6 (English)

Yoga Karaka chapter from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) discussion continues.

Yoga karaka planets of all the 12 Ascendant discussed and explained.

1.Yoga Karaka for Aries Ascendant

2. Yoga Karaka for Taurus Ascendant

3. Yoga Karaka for Gemini Ascendant

4. Yoga Karaka for Cancer Ascendant

5. Yoga Karaka for Leo Ascendant

6. Yoga Karaka for Virgo Ascendant

7. Yoga Karaka for Libra Ascendant

8. Yoga Karaka for Scorpio Ascendant

9. Yoga Karaka for Sagittarius Ascendant

10. Yoga Karaka for Capricorn Ascendant

11. Yoga Karaka for Aquarius Ascendant

12. Yoga Karaka for Pisces Ascendant

13. General guidelines to read the results of placement of house lords in different houses. X lord placed in Y house.

14. Results of the 8th lord placed in various bhavas discussed from BPHS. Important information to draw results from Vedic charts.

15. Case study Mahatma Gandhi: a general analysis of yogas present in the Rashi chart (D1): Pravraj yoga, Bandana yoga, Malavya Maha Purush Yoga, Rajyogas, Sun in MKS etc.

16. Case study Mahatma Gandhi: planets present in the trinal (1,5,9) houses in Navamsha Kundali (D9) or Vargauttama planets grant qualities to a native.

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