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Meaning of Arudha Lagna (AL) in Vedic astrology:

Arudha Lagna represents our status & worldly image in society. Our intelligence called Ascendant lord or Lagna lord creates it in the material world. It keeps transforming and changing with time, depending upon the influence falling on this Lagna (AL) and its lord. In Vedic Astrology, the Arudha Lagna reveals how others perceive us.

The Ascendant or Lagna represents our true self or how we are actually from the inside. Arudha Lagna represents what people think of us. What opinion do they have for us?

Lagna represents rising, beginning, Sunrise, and birth. Arudha means mounted one, visible to all. Therefore, Arudha Lagna means the rising that is mounted, visible, or known to others. It is our Public Image or the Mirror of Perception. This is the meaning of Arudha Lagna (AL) in Vedic astrology. 

Just as there is Arudha Lagna for the Ascendant, there is also Bhava Pada for other houses/bhavas.
Their calculation is similar to that of Arudha Lagna but we use lord of the house to do so.

For example, to calculate the Arudha of the 10th house we use the 10th house and its lord. Rest everything remains the same. Karma Pada is another name of the Bhava Pada of the 10th house.

We can read results for Arudha Lagna in every Divisional chart for practical purposes. But the birth time should be very accurate for this. Please read our article on Birth Time Rectification to understand this.

Method of calculation of Arudha Lagna and Bhava Pada as given in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.

The Pada of the ascendant will correspond to the sign arrived at by counting as many signs from the ascendant lord as he is away from the ascendant. Similarly, Padas for other houses are known by their lords. -BPHS

Example: For Leo ascendant, if the Sun is in the 11th house then AL will be in the 9th house.

Exception to rules

-The same house or the 7th from it does not become its pada.

-When the pada falls into the same house, the 10th therefore be treated as its pada.

-Similarly when the 7th becomes the pada of a house, the 4th from the original house in question be treated as its pada.

-If the ruler of the bhava is in the 4th from the bhava, then the very house occupied be noted as the Pada.

The following are some scenarios to understand the concept and then read Vedic charts.

Arudha Lagna (AL) Calculator: For Lagna lord placed in 1 to 12 Houses:

Various synonyms of Arudha Lagna are Lagna Pada, Lagna Arudha, and Pada Lagna.

– If the Ascendant lord is in the 1st house then Arudha Lagna is in the 10th house.

– When the Lagna lord is present in the 2nd house then Pada Lagna is in the 3rd house.

– In case the Ascendant lord is present in the 3rd house then AL is in the 5th house.

– If Lagnesh is present in the 4th house then Lagna Pada is in the 4th house.

– For Lagna lord placed in the 5th house the AL is in the 9th house.

– If the Lagna lord is present in the 6th house then Pada Lagna is in the 11th house.

– When Lagnesh is present in the 7th house then AL is in the 10th house.

– When Lagna lord is in the 8th house then Lagna Pada is in the 3rd house.

– In case the Lagnesh is present in the 9th house then Lagna Arudha is in the 5th house.

– If Lagnesh is present in the 10th house then Pada Lagna is in the 4th house.

– If the Lagna lord is present in the 11th house then Arudha Lagna is in the 9th house.

– When the Ascendant lord is present in the 12th house the AL is in the 11th house

 Therefore, Arudha Lagna can never be in the 1st, 2nd, 12th, 6th, 7th, and 8th houses in any horoscope.

Special considerations for signs Scorpio and Aquarius

For signs Scorpio and Aquarius, there are 2 lords. Mars and Ketu co-lord Scorpio and Rahu and Saturn co-own Aquarius. The stronger planet among the two in the chart governs the calculation of Arudha Lagna.

Arudha Lagna Predictions:

Case 1: How do we read the results of Arudha Lagna? How do we predict using this Lagna:

The lord of the sign representing Arudha Lagna indicates the family’s material status at birth.  (-Jaimini Sutra, actually it is stated for spouse using Upapada Lagna UL)

Why? Because at the time of birth, it is the family name & status, that governs the identity of a native. The baby has not done karmas to shape their image. The world treats us according to the name & status of the family only.

-The exalted planet shows good/high social status at birth.
-The debilitated planet shows low/poor social status at birth.
-Strength in-between should be read accordingly.

The grahas placed in AL & influencing it will show the type (quality/quantity) of contributions natives make via their karmas. Hence further rise or fall in the material status of the native can be seen.

Sattva Guna and Rajo Guna planets give likeable images, hence their influence on the Arudha Lagna is good. Sattva Guna planets are the Moon, Jupiter, and Sun. Rajo Guna planets are Venus and Mercury. These planets are not negative in any sense. Well, the Sun is harsh and authoritative by nature but is a Satwo guna ( representing light, knowledge, and positivity).

Further, we use the natural characteristics of the planet placed in this Lagna to give readings.

If a person has Jupiter in Arudha Lagna and it is strong, he will exhibit positive traits associated with Jupiter in his image. Jupiter is a natural significator of qualities such as teaching, piety, peace, religion, law, righteousness, knowledge, and wisdom. When Jupiter is present in Arudha Lagna, the person’s public image will reflect some or most of these characteristics. This manifestation is an expected outcome.

We read the results of the lord of Arudha Lagna in the same manner. Ideally, we use planets placed in Arudha Lagna, its lord, planets having Rashi Drishti, and planets having Graha Drishti on this Lagna to give readings or predictions.

Please read about the Characteristics of the 9 planets in astrology to utilize their influence on Arudha Lagna

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Case 2: Jupiter and/or Venus must influence the Arudha Lagna for one to be recognized as a Teacher, Professor, or an Educator.

Birth Charts with Arudha Lagna and profile images of 4 celebrities.Swami Vivekananda, Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Rabindranath Tagore, Pope Jean-Paul 2.

For a person to become a well-known teacher or professor in any field of higher knowledge, their Arudha Lagna (AL) in the Rasi chart (D1) and/or in the Dasamsa chart (D10) should be influenced by Jupiter and/or Venus. This influence could be in the form of ownership, placement, or Rashi Drishti. Jupiter and Venus are both Acharya or Teachers in Jyotish. Jupiter, known as DevGuru Brihaspati, is the teacher of Devas, while Venus, known as Shri Shukracharya, is the preceptor of Asuras.

– Swami Vivekananda: AL is in Leo aspected by Jupiter from Libra and Venus from Capricorn by Rashi Drishti.

– Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa: AL is in Gemini, having Jupiter in it aspected by Venus from Pisces by Rashi Drishti.

– Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore: AL is in Scorpio aspected by Jupiter from Cancer and Venus from Aries by Rashi Drishti.

– Pope Jean-Paul 2: AL is in Cancer and Jupiter is present in the sign.

Case 3: Placement of Saturn in 2nd house from Arudha Lagna.

Saturn in 2nd H from Arudha Lagna (AL) will always impoverish the image and material status of a native. Saturn is the natural significator of poor, scarcity, abandoned, and unfortunate. Hence his placement where he has to provide food and shelter (2nd house) is undesirable for high status. 2nd house is very important for sustenance and lasting effects for any Arudha pada. Swami ji was a monk, a renunciate with no attachment to wealth.

However, if Saturn is present in its exaltation sign, in its sign or in Multrikona sign then the impoverishment is considerably low.

If Saturn is present in the 2nd house from Arudha Lagna (AL), and the individual wears a blue sapphire (नीलम), they may start exhibiting behavior as if they have limited or scarce resources. As a result, their material reputation may deteriorate.. This will hold well for Rashi Chart.

Read about the gemstones associated with the 9 planets 

Saturn in 2nd house from Arudha Lagna in Siddhamsa D24 Chart:

The Siddhamsa (D24) chart guides us to see siddhis, knowledge or scholarship of a native. So placement of Shani in the 2nd House from Arudha Lagna can indicate someone :

-Who sometimes makes blunders or mistakes in education

-Who has lack of knowledge/ignorance in some areas and hence can degrade his honor in the field of academics.

Cause, Arudha Lagna, or the manifested social image, is sustained in a very poor way, there is inadequate feeding to sustain it healthily.

Likewise, we should understand the meaning and context of a Divisional Chart and use the information to draw clear and crisp readings.

Case 4: Placement of Rahu in 3rd house from  Lagna Pada ( AL)

When Rahu is present in the 3rd house from Arudha Lagna the person will mislead/cheat/deceive or will be manipulative and cannot be truthful in all his/her dealings; unfortunately!

Rest all we can judge from the influence of Grahas and Rashis on Lagna. The more the influence of Satwa guna planets (Sun, Moon, and Jupiter) on Lagna the better. Even the influence of Rajo guna planets like (Mercury and Venus) is fine.

When we are considering the Drishti or aspects of planets on the Lagna, we should only see Graha Drishti in this regard.

Case 5: Placement of Lagna Lord in the 11th house from Arudha Lagna

Normally, the placement of Lagna Lord in 3rd house from Lagna is very good for material prosperity. As it makes the Arudha Lagna in the 5th house. From Arudha Lagna, the Lagnesh is present in the 11th house of actual gains. Native’s intelligence, Paka Lagna has a governing say on the acquisition of wealth.

It means a native’s intelligence makes him accept or renounce material gains.

Positive influence (please refer to Jaimini Sutras for financial relationships between Grahas promoting financial growth or demoting it ) makes the native accept happily and negative makes him deny/renounce wealth or wealth is not proposed to him, via this placement.

The most troubling situation is that of Devguru Brihaspati, Jupiter! Because it is the Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) for him. Eg: Lagna is Sagittarius or Pisces and Jupiter is present in the 3rd house.

Case 6: How do planets placed in the 3rd house and 6th house from this Lagna govern our material or spiritual pursuits?

Natural malefic planets present in the 3rd house and the 6th house from Arudha Lagna is  a good placement. Why? Because: Natural malefic planets of Kroor Grahas are Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, Mars even the Sun.

-3rd house is Duschikya Sthan (दुश्चिक्य स्थान) in the chart of Kaal Purusha! Duschikya Sthana promotes anger, aggression, and forcefulness in the character of a native.

-The 6th house is for overcoming obstacles, defeating the enemy, and being at the zenith of executing acute/pensive acts.
Consequently, when such natural malefic planets (because of their intrinsic harsh nature) are present in these two houses from Arudha Lagna: the 3rd house and the 6th house they promote harsh treatment and ruthlessness.

Hence, the native does the karmas to help promote, maintain, and defend his material status (Arudha Lagna) aggressively and forcefully.

This is very good for most material pursuits and for professions, where one needs to prove his might or superiority over rivals to be declared winner. Being an active attacker improves one image ( Arudha Lagna) and the scope of influence on others in the material world.

But real Saints are different from these worldly achievers, they never impose, nor do they retaliate or do any aggression. Surely, they have somya Grahas or natural benefices like Jupiter, Venus, un-inflicted Mercury and Moon in paksha bala, or having digital strength in the 3rd house and 6th house from their Arudha Lagna ( AL) or they have no planets there at all.

The image attached shows the analysis of Swami Vivekananda’s chart to judge this aspect.

Swami Vivekananda Arudha Lagna

From Arudha Lagna:

-The 3rd house from Arudha Lagna (AL) has satwo guna & a natural benefic planet, Jupiter

-The 3rd lord from AL is a natural benefic planet, Venus.

-The 6th house has Mercury & Venus and Ketu is aspecting it by Rashi Drishti. Saturn owns the sign in strength.

-2 somya grahas & then 2 kroor grahas are there to handle enmity, competition, or blockage in his material pursuits.

From Lagna:

-3rd lord, Saturn is strong. He is present in a friendly sign and forming a parivartana yoga with Mercury. Saturn is one of the karaka of the 10th house.

-Karaka for bravery, Mars is strong and well placed in his own sign, Aries.
Further lord of the Ascendant, Jupiter is present in 11th H and he is forming a Yoga with Mars.

-Jupiter is Karaka of 11th H. Strong Sun as 9th lord & Atmakaraka in Lagna.

-Brave personality: 3rd house, 3rd lord, karaka of bravery Mars and Lagna all are strong.

-Conclusion: we can say that this native has no upfront tamas, does not like to hurt anyone, and does not do aggression, despite being brave.

Case 7: Shatru Pada (A6), when placed in the 12th house from Arudha Lagna

Shatru Pada or A6 is the name of the Bhav Pada of the 6th house of enemies & obstruction. One of the best placements of Shatru Pada (A6) is in the 12th house from Arudha Lagna (AL).

Shatru Pada (A6) represents: the tangible and real physical enemies (people) or competitors (people) of a native and 12th is the house of ignoring or giving up and loss.

So in such placement, the native constantly ignores his enemies (A6) in the practical world and focuses on his work only: very good for success in the long run.

On the other hand, the person’s enemies or competitors ensure that their actions make the native well-remembered in the world. Consequently, the image of the native gets the visibility and attention of the people.

For enemies/competitors (Shatru pada, A6), the Arudha Lagna of the native is in the 2nd house and the 2nd house is very important for the sustenance of any Arudha Pada. So to help sustain themselves, the enemies or competitors will do so for the natives.

Case 8: How do we judge the manifestation of any Bhav Pada

Planets placed in any Bhav Pada tell us about the manifested qualities of that person in the life of a native.

For example, if one has Ketu in Upa Pada ( Bhav Pada of the 12th house, depicted as UL), the representation of one’s spouse and the person with whom one shares his/her life and all resources, etc: can be very spiritual and/or quite headless with sudden developments taking place all the times in the life of the spouse. Likewise, we can judge the same for any other Bhav Pada.

Case 9: The houses from the Ascendant show where Bhav Pada(s) will manifest in life and/or the circumstances in which they occur in our existence.

For example:

Daar or Kalatra Pada (A7) placed in the 5th house from Lagna can mean that native finds love/business partners in followers, students, or people having such engagements in the beginning.

Putra Pada (A5) placed in the 7th house can also mean that a native has a romantic relationship with someone from his following/students or a native can have business partnerships with such people.

If both the above-stated placements are present in a chart then surely these readings are possible with great probability.

-5th is the house of following, children and students.
-7th is the house of relationships, desires, and business

-Putra Pada is the manifestation of the 5th house (or Pada of the 5th house represented by A5 in Jyotish software). Putra means children & Pada means manifestation. Hence, the Pada of Lagna called Arudha Lagna is also termed as Lagna Pada.


A strong Arudha Lagna in Dasamsa D10 chart grants fame and reputation by work and success. Read our complete article:  « Angry Young Man » of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan Birth Chart Analysis

Just as there are padas of Bhava there are padas of Grahas as well, they are called Graha Arudha.

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