Char Karaka (Soul Level Significator)

Mercury as Amatya Karaka (AmK) and achievements


Amatya means Minister, one who assists and helps a king (Atma: Self) in all his Karmas or undertakings.
Mercury being a minister or Amatya Karaka, helps a native set realistic goals, make right decisions, execute and control strategies and finally achieve or have operation success while considering practical realities of any environment.
Mercury does not believe in hierarchies, he has no emotions, has no egos or anger problems, nor he has any inabilities rather he is most friendly, skilled, great adapter and quick learner. He does not have very high ethical/purity issues nor personally he likes to cheat any one.
He is just focused on solid realistic accomplishments, success and growth. He lords 3rd and 6th house, among 4 Upchaya houses in the kundali of Kaal Purusha.
Mercury is a Bhu tatwa Graha, who rules Karana or achievements in Panchanga. He rules the spirit of a man and is strong in the day and an in the night.
People having Mercury as Amatya Karaka have very pragmatic approach in life, they have solid operational abilities and hence are great achievers in modern day scenarios in KaliYuga.
They can identify a right person who can help them or contribute in their goals and they leave no stones unturned to realize success in their Karmas then.
In modern day scenarios, their performance and accomplishments in corporate sector or business is simply outstanding.


  • Daar Karaka and Finances

DKF SarvatoBhadra


I used to wonder and question myself a lot that: char karakas represent the soul level connections. What do they have to do with finances ?

After all it is the body that needs food and material things for sustenance, and to a great extent it is the mind that is dwelling in Maya and enjoying the wealth and status. Why do we associate the poor Soul with wealth?

After contemplation I realized that: it is lord Vishnu who governs the char karkas. Lord Vishnu sustains and governs our material existence. It is because of Him that we get the food to feed our body.

Without a body, a Soul dwelling in mritu loka is called just an atma (soul + mind) or rather a ghost in common language. So to undergo all the physical experiences the Atma needs a body and cause we live in Maya a mind is indispensable… to occupy us in some dwelling, what so ever …

That is the reason why: if a soul, not looking for such experiences or not in need of close soul mates (dara or partners) does not need wealth at all and he renounces it. Hence all the Dhan yogas, what so ever present in the chart, get destroyed if Dara Karaka is ill placed from Atma Karka.

As Maharshi Parasha teaches: Atma Karaka is the the king of any chart, hence the decisions of Atma Karka will be the final reality for that native.


  • Soulmate, Marriage and Finances: Focus on Daar Karaka and Atma Karaka

In the case study we can see that retrograded Jupiter (Daar Karaka) is placed in the 12th H from Moon (Atma Karaka).

According to pachakadi sambandha (Shri Vyankatesh Sharma, Sarvartha Chintamani) the Moon, who considers none as his enemy, still has inimical relationship with the planets placed in the 12th H from it. This is undesirable placement for marriage at Char Karaka level.

At the same time the retrograded Jupiter (DK) is Varaga-uttama and hence associated with Lagna strongly confirming high level of material sustenance.

This is the birth chart of Shri Rahul Gandhi.





  • Sun as Atma Karaka

Surya Dev SarvatoBhadra


For people having Sun as Atma Karaka (AK), placement of other Char Karaks (planets) in the 12th house and 6th house from Sun is not good at all.

Native will have disharmony, repulsion, unfortunate /unpleasant experience and lack of fruitful relationships with those souls/people represented by those planets as char karaka for the native.

12th house from Sun is the Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) from Sun (Taking Sun, AK as reference or Lagna).

Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS):…/marana-karaka-sthana/

In Pachakadi Sambandha, planets placed in 6th house are the inimical to Sun.

Saturn is especially bad in both the houses: 6th house and 12th house, as Saturn is natural pachaka (digestor or one who can tolerate and digest the wrath of Sun) of Sun.

  • Rahu as Atma Karaka


Rahu Graha

Rahu normally represents material pursuits (bhoga marga, and tamo guna) and shows dogmatic pursuits in the world of Maya (the untruth).

It also represents breaking all the boundaries and going beyond conservative limits and doing unconventional in the material world.

Because of this special contribution to break all the barriers of Maya, it significantly helps an individual soul to cross the borders and experience  the greatest Unknown: The Truth ( Satya, as expressed in Sanatana Dharma); Rahu is a great boon as Atma Karak.

The final pursuit of all souls is to achieve self realization or nirvana or merge back to the supreme soul.

Unfortunate placement of Rahu: in Gand-anta, MKS (Marana Karaka Sthana: 9th H from Lagna) and other such placements are not desirable for spiritual growth.


  • Atma Karaka (AK) and Brathra Karaka ( BK): An individual Soul and his Guru


Guru Shishya SarwatoBhadra


Atma Karaka (AK) and Brathra Karaka ( BK) if placed in Quadrants from each other in the natal chart is a great blessing. The person learns constructively from his Guru and the Guru also puts effort to teach this student for long.

There are few exceptions though for the above stated generalized rule for planets like Venus, Mars and Saturn as Atma Karaka (AK).

Any Planet placed in 4th H from Venus is its Vedhak and Venus considers it as his enemy, so this BK placement is undesirable if Venus is AK.

Also if Mars is AK then placement of BK in the 7th H from it is not good because it is the Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) from Mars.

If Saturn is AK then the placement of BK in the same house or 1st House is also not desirable, it is Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) from Saturn.



Atma Karaka (AK) and liberation from the bondage of cyclic time.


Liberation from Maya


We all know that, Ketu is the symbol of liberation or emancipation. And 2nd is the house of sustenance. Also, Navamsha (D-9) is the chart of Dharma/ Righteousness.

So when in Navamsha (D-9),  the soul signifying planet, Atma Karaka is placed in the 2nd House from Ketu and sustaining Him (the spirituality in all righteousness) then liberation is sure to come.

4th H is called Hridya bhava (heart) or Gati (distance and time equation, motion). This said placement of Ketu, in 4th H from AK, also gives great motion to the Atma and brings great spiritual upliftement.

Sage Jaimini teaches that: Ketu in 12th H or 4th H from AK in Navamsha (D-9), indicate liberation from Maya.

To be continued….


Nakshatramsha (D-27, also called Bhamsa)

Placement of Atma Karaka Graha in Agni rashi (Aries, Leo , Sagittarius) in Nakshatramsha ( D-27, also called Bhamsa) ensures that the Native has enough Spiritual Strength to fulfill the goals of this life.

Nakshatramsha comes in 3rd level of harmonics and shows the Subconscious strength and weaknesses in a native.

Agni Rashi are called Sat Yuga Rashi and in terms of strength at Subconscious plain they are at top level.

Arudha Padas (physical manifestation, whether of Grahas or Bhavas) in this Varga Kundali, have no direct physical associations, as it shows the state when the native is at subconcous level.