Significance of 12 Houses (Bhava)

1st House: Beginning/starting, birth, risen one, physical body, appearance, sunrise,  sense of identity, character, innate nature,  ideals, principles, knowledge (person need not have taken formally education but has knowledge), fame, strength, vigor, health, happiness/unhappiness, head.

2nd House: Family, family values, extended family, neighbors, accumulated or stored wealth (all kinds of material assets: jewels, paper assets, money, all other objects of material value), food, speech, ethics, capacity to last in sexual acts or sex drive, 2nd marriage, speech, right eye, face, storage things or places, tendency to accumulate, death trap, loss of vitality, master’s level higher education.

3rd House: Valor, bravery, drive, initiative, vitality, heroism, firmness and patience, courage, younger brothers/sisters, all kinds of written communication, act of sexual union, aggression, advise of guru (guru updesha), guru initiatory instructions (diksha), short travel, death of father, fall of righteousness (Dharma), right ear, shoulder and hands, bad/disturbing thoughts that provoke aggression.

4th House: Mother, land, property, house, home, home-country, vehicles, cattle, lower or under world (patal), childhood friends, relatives, comforts, heart, purity, chastity, happiness, sense of direction in life, musical instruments, formal education(primary), mid night, Kali Gayatri.

5th House: Power, following, children, subordinates, special instruments (yantra), sacred sounds (mantra), retained knowledge, brilliance of brain, abilities, judgment, wisdom, management, organization, planning, loss or gains of kingdom/ position, emotions, people one is emotionally attached to, stomach. Speculation: intelligent analysis of an uncertain situation.  This house is called special wealth as it gives blessings in the form of abilities from good works done in past life.

6th House: Service, servants, obstacles, overcoming the obstacles, litigations, fights, opposition, enemies, disease (of external origin), accidents, wounds, ulcers, celibacy, separation in marriage, stepmother, younger siblings of mother.

7th House: Desire in general, sexuality, sexual partners, business, business partners, external door of your personality or interaction with the others/world, long travel, things vanishing away or stolen away from native, sunset, death, sexual organs.

8th House: Debts, loans, unearned wealth, inheritance (wealth of dead people), wealth of partner, gains via lottery, gambling, occult knowledge (all which is not explicable by present day “natural laws” or beyond ordinary understanding or called mysterious knowledge like: jyotish, palmistry, tantra, clairvoyance etc..), hidden places/things, secrecy, secret services, secret groups, secret societies, sins, spying, research, transformation, changes, retirement, death/longevity, information about past and future lives, impediments, struggle, disgrace, failure, setback, disappointments, dissatisfaction, disease, uncertainties, trouble, tension, worries, loss of luck or misfortune, forts, fierce battle, holes, hard work, tapasya, toilet or cleansing places, evil (khar), anus or excretory organs, alternative sex, break of marriage, severe tensions in marriage.

9th House: Father, teacher (guru), boss (in work place), luck, religiosity, dharma, righteousness, law meritorious deeds, philanthropy, pilgrimages, responsibility, respect for guru/elders, higher education (bachelors level), long travel, place of worship (temple, church, mosque), global vision. This house is also called special wealth and gives blessings from good works done in past life.

10th House: Achievements, success, career, honor, position or rank in profession, heaven.

11th House: Income, gains, benefits, profits, elder siblings, friends, growth, fulfillment of desires.

12th House: End, all rehabilitation centers or any kind of healing places (hospitals, jails, clinics, mother’s lap for a baby, bedroom/bed), bondage, ashrams, monasteries, hostels, donation, expenditure, losses, sharing, compromise, voluntarily giving up something, charity, humility or humbleness, commitment, bed pleasures (sexual activities), foreign land, travel to faraway places, travel in space, meditation, detachment, renunciation, moksha, liberation or independence, emancipation, feet, left eye, secret enemies, your astrologer, your life partner: whom you are committed to and with whom you share everything.