Understanding the 3 kinds of Karaka in Astrology

1.Naisargik Karaka in Astrology:

“Naisargik” means natural by definition and “Karaka” means significator, which signifies something or represents something very fundamentally in astrology. Naisargik Karaka means something that naturally represents something because of its basic instincts or natural characteristics.

They are the same for all, as it is part of nature or creation. Lord Brahma rules them and uses them for the creation of all. They have Rajo Guna: passion and excessive energy, hence they create an imbalance in the Sat-Chit- Anand, state of ParBrahma (Supreme Soul, Un-manifested Supreme) and make the creation possible.

For example, Jupiter is Naisargik Karaka (Natural Significator) for children, wealth, knowledge, discrimination, law, social order, hearing, sweets in astrology.

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2. Chara Karaka in Jyotish:

They represent variable (char) soul-level signification that varies from person to person in every birth.  Lord Vishnu rules Chara Karaka in astrology for the sustenance of a Soul (us) in material existence. They have Satwo guna: balance energy, light, and knowledge.
For example, people having Sun as AK (Atma Karak) have their souls attached to the great Sun god, so they naturally have high self-esteem and consider themselves kings. They may get hurt very quickly if they are treated with the slightest disrespect. They can also dislike taking orders or directions from others in pure material form etc. In brief, they would like to be on top in life and want to live in glory.

3. Sthira Karaka in Astrology:

The job of Sthira Karaka in astrology  is to stop  an individual or make someone inactive and are to be seen for death and destruction or great suffering.
They are lorded by Lord Shiva and their selection is based on an individual chart. They have Tamo guna: destructive energy or final transformative energy. For example, Sun and Venus are the sthir karakas in astrology for father, whoever is strong. So to see the sufferings or death of the father of a native, we use the stronger of Venus and Sun and then analyze the chart for the native. Sun represents the Soul in Jyotish and Venus rules the purest substance of our body, the semen.

The moment a Soul is trapped in the womb of a mother along with a mind (the stage of conception or Adhana) the development of a body begins. At birth, the Soul identifies himself with his body, and his existence in limited perception begins. Now he is away from Supreme Soul and hence he is in Maya or Illusion. It starts automatically with our birth and we are then under the influence of 3 Gunas: Satwa, Rajas, and Tamas!

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